Commercial Property Masterclass LITE

£1,995.00 +VAT



For property professionals who are diversifying into commercial property. 

This course provides the tools and content across 8 modules of online learning and covers

  1. Commercial property trends and opportunities
  2. How and where to find the best commercial property opportunities
  3. Criteria that make a good commercial investment property
  4. How to value commercial property
  5. Leases and Tenants: structure, due diligence, finding
  6. How to reduce risks in commercial investing, niching & team
  7. Commercial property tax advantages, maximise your tax benefit
  8. Financing commercial property investments, how & strategy

With Commercial Property Masterclass LITE, you gain lifetime access to 16 hours of online learning content along with downloadable tools to help you understand how to find, fund and fill commercial property investments.


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